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Computerized Jacquard knitting machine especially for window gauze fabric Features


Drive system

The system adopting an advanced frequency conversion control system is the drive system of machine,which ensures the machine to work smoothly.It can control machine to continually run or slowly walk.It adopts a Multifunctional and centralized control panel which is extremely humanized and can be Operated easily.The rigid frame is firm and secure.The special transmission can reduce parking footprint.The synchronous gear as the active medium allows machine to run smoothly with lower noise,less erosion,lower power consumption.


Control system
The control system is the use of an international advanced electronic needle selection terechnology.The three-position needle selection of computer technology can select needles by using soecua lly designed sinker and composite sinker to make design-unrestricted fabric.Furthermore,it can choose different specifications of sinkers to weave jacquard terry fabric with different height of terry.Manwhile,the precise encoder can accurately calculate the needle positions and the zero position,so as to ensure the stability of the whole system.

Any pattern and any cloth cover can be scanned into the computer.After processing color,retouching and then using conversion software to convert needle selection program,you can use U disk to input finished design into the machine.It will running under your instruction.The whole process is simple and conveniend. 

Fabric varieties

The availa ble types of fabric include:DTY,FDY,Cationic dyed and so on.The products can be applied to window curtains,window screening,Upholstery fabric,sofa etc.


Technical Specifications
Diameter   52"-60"
Ganges     14G-24G
No.of feeders 36F-72F
Speed of revolution 6rpm-12rpm

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