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Needle knitting machine for window gauze curtain fabric features

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Drive system

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    The system adapting an advanced frequency conversion control system is the drive system of machine. Which ensures the machine to work smoothly.It can control machine to continually run or slowly walk. It adopts a Functionalist And centralized control panel. which is extremely humanized and can be operated easily.The rigid frame is firm and secure. The special transmission can reduce parking footprint.The synchronous gear as the active medium allows machine to run smoothly

Control system

All一digital control system. of  which  Microcomputer is the core under the QC system responsible for the quality control mechanisms. can refuel automatically. count cloth laps in the work phases. and show A/B/C three--shift production and yield statistically so that i t will fulfill a strict process and ensure the highest product yield.It lubricates in an automatic fuel spray way and feeds the yarn in a positive type with uniform tension. Spandex can be fed in a small guide pulley feed way in order to reduce defeats.


Fabric varieties

The available types of fabric include:multi--strand yarn wool, polyacrylonitrile fiber. bright yarn.coarse yarn and so forth.The products can be applied to window curtain window screening,Upholstery fabric. Fashionable dress and soon.


Diameter:  52”--60”

Pin number:  7G--14G

Needle road number:  180

Power:  7.5KW

Turn degree:   6rpm--12rpm

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