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     WX.XF--PF/3B single series is designed in a refined and compact appearance.with enclosed four tracks.featuring high field.high quality fabrics.The machine could be returned the cost within  a  short time  even  if other  shirting  parts  are purchased together.all the adjustment points  are on the external surface that's easy to redundant part in design .it's one of the key ones in single jersey machines.Here goes the characteristics:

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Perfect transmission system control stands head and shoulders over others in the industry

The transmission mechanism is controlled by frequency converter made in Japan, making the machine move smoothly. The multiple function digital control panel is humanized, easy to handle. The main gears are lubricated with oil-moistened lubricant, and the fastened rigid frame is reliable ,with a unidirectional bearing transmission design reduces the appearance of shut-down marks.  The machine works with low noise, low abrasion and power consumption in transmission.


Unique patented design leads the standard of the industry

The yarn feeder designed by our company may be equipped at each line with special guide pulley for lycra to evenly and stable guide various synthetic fibers into manufacturing process. Fine loop adjustment and accurate, renders readjustment spaching to be small, within the accuracy of 0.01 mm. Its internal parts are produced from Taiwan with original package.


Ty of rolling device reduces the cost of pro

    The  machine  outputs  the  fabrics  without  folding mark.thus  leading  to  the  decrease  of  the  production

cost.increasing of the profit and full using of the material.The socket piped  hatching  rail can  be drawn  out easily  after hatching.Meanwhile:the  machine  can  stop  automatically when the piece is out incompletely due to the safety stop motion .It’s the best choice of producing elastic fabrics.

Fabric types and derivate patterns

Four-track fabrics such as calico weave, pique mesh, cockled fabric and so on can be produced through needle selection and triangle shift. With the yarn feeder, the machine can easily guide in various fibers to different plating fabrics, silk cotton, double thread velvet, and elastic fabrics...

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