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knitting machine garter bar

WX.YF HD2B offers customers 2*4 and 2*2, these two tracks to choose, it boasts excellent performance and high yield. The strictly high precision structure design assure the quality of fabric output, which combines the craftsmanship, good material and precise calculation, and it is a well-sold product all over the world, here are the characteristics:

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Perfect transmission system control stands head and shoulders over others in the industry

knitting machine garter bar

The transmission mechanism is controlled by frequency converter made in Japan, making the machine move smoothly. The multiple function digital control panel is humanized, easy to handle. The main gears are lubricated with oil-moistened lubricant, and the fastened rigid frame is reliable ,with a unidirectional bearing transmission design reduces the appearance of shut-down marks.  The machine works with low noise, low abrasion and power consumption in transmission.

Patented triangle track concentrates in R&D

The exclusive patented design owned by our company, triangle &yarn feeder, shift the knitting needles at the optimum moving status to the effect that the yarn is knitted at a perfect angle, it's excellent especially in knitting special yarns like chemical fiber filament.

Complete upgradability prevails over western competitors

The patented rhombus shaped needle orbit track design needs no change of parts or components, but just a simple change of needle cylinder can lead to different kinds of interlock and rib fabrics varied in fineness, needle interval as well as other fabrics with special style/ the rib surface feels perfect with  excellent elasticity,which is parallel to those knitting rib machines.


Fabric types and derivate patterns

Applicable yarns include linen, cotton, silk as well as chemical fiber, blending, artificial wool, etc. Besides ordinary 2*2 track double plain cloth, e.g puffy texture roman fabric, interlock, single pique, ripple stitch, by changing the triangle, doubel (2*4) universal series can also knit fabrics including twill cloth, chevron fabric, wrinkle cloth, interlace full pin texture, mini-jacquard, air layer, floss texture and so on. The machine is high efficient and produces perfect cloth surface effect,. More derivates can be produced through the replacement and arrangement of triangle and knitting needles, such as 1*1 rib, 2*2 rib, changed rib, rin mesh, rib air layer, interlock mesh...

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