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knitting needle case


jacquard circular knitting machine

high一performance Jacquard warp knitting machine

knitting vs weaving


  High - performance

  Highly - operational reliability and

  easy to maintain

  To choose the yarn by Piezoelectric

  ceramic Jacquard needle

  Fast and simple to change the designs


technical specifications 

Total  width   132" 5350rnrn  230" 7885rnrn

Total depth    132" 5100rnrn  230" 5480rnrn


Total height    3627mm


Width / Item No.:  335cm=132英寸


                机号:E18x E24


Knitting Elements:  Single needle bed,sinker bed needle core

                 Bed,yarn pressing plate,Separate jacquard comb(JB1)

                 Three comb(GB2 to GB4)


Transmission equipment: GB2 GB4 adopts three sets of electronic control

                     Wrap gear, drives by gear and is controlled by motion

                     Control system.

Traverse mechanism: it adopts advanced electronic traverse control system


KAMCONS:Control the basic functions of a single - speed motion control

Jacquard pattern control system comb

U disk drive applies to design floppy disk to read and write

12.1 inches color touch screen operator interface for generating

a display, a network interface(Elhemet)for data acquisition.

Remote service system


Fabric stretch equipment:Electronic control,composed by four black grip tape rolls.

Drives by gear mortor and is controlled by a motion system.


Coiling equipment:  It adopts independent coiling equipment


Electronic equipment:    Servo drive .When the machine width is 132 inches,

The total connected load is 26KVA.When the machine

Width is 242inches.the total connected load is 30KVA.


The environment requirement for the

Important jacquard elements:                     Maximum air humidity 65%


Performance:  For 130inches machine. The highest speed is 460-520Rev/min

 For 130inches machine. The highest speed is 420-480Rev/min

Lapping  organization,yarn quality and its types will influence

the speed of the machine.

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